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Take a look around to see a selection of pictures of airplanes that I have flown during my career and some additional shots (I have not flown the Boeing 747, 777, or DC-10).

This "vanity" site is primarily meant for my family and friends to display my flying career which began in late 1968 when I joined the Navy for Flight School at Pensacola, FL.  I went on to also fly for Transamerica Airlines and American Airlines where I am presently a Boeing 767 and 757 International Captain based out of New York.

My total logged flying hours are over 18,000 into hundreds of airfields in most areas of the world.  I have been an Aircraft Commander in most of the Navy aircraft flown and Captain in all but the DC-8 of airliners flown.  Each additional page will have further descriptions.

After browsing  my web site the full collection of pictures can be viewed by clicking on the button displayed below.   The pictures can be viewed individually or as an album and you can easily print, save, or e-mail.

Any comments or questions?

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            Note that these videos may take several minutes to load at slower connection speeds and can either be opened up to run directly or saved to your computer for viewing later.

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