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Navy Days
 EP-3E China Incident


Navy Days

My Navy career began as an Aviation Cadet just out of college in 1968 and continued on until the end of 1977 for active duty. I eventually retired as a Commander in the Reserves in 1991 with over 4400 Navy flight hours.  I was stationed at Rota, Spain for five years and the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. for three years.  During my  reserve career I flew out of Patuxent River, MD and Willow Grove, PA.

Especially interesting was my job as a Electronic Warfare Aircraft Commander (EWAC) flying the EP-3E.  The aircraft was delivered to my squadron in 1972 and I was one of the early pilots to fly it.   Please click on the links at the top of the page for details on this job and the Mar-Apr 2001 "spy plane" in China incident.

  T-34 preflight.jpg (125556 bytes)       T-28 formation.jpg (43604 bytes)     S-2s VT-28 at Corpus.jpg (52813 bytes)     Admiral awards Navy Wings.jpg (94271 bytes)     C-47.jpg (92827 bytes)

T-34 primary trainer    T-28 for 1st carrier ldg              S-2B          Wing Ceremony         C-47              

 H-34 SAR Helo.jpg (45329 bytes)   S-2.jpg (60993 bytes)   Lockheed EC-121.jpg (64966 bytes)   Navy VQ2 EP-3E.jpg (152949 bytes)  

H-34 Helo             US-2B                     EC-121M                   EP3-E   

P-3A.jpg (83308 bytes)   Firebar.jpg (25894 bytes)   Ed Brager 1943 Dauntlas SBD bomber.jpg (63570 bytes)

 P-3 A on patrol         Intercepted           My father-in-law WWII

Click on this line for many more pictures from my Navy aviation career