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Navy Days

I was hired by Trans International Airlines (TIA) in February 1978 with my first job flying Lockheed L-188 Electras out of Willow Run airport between Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI.  TIA soon renamed itself Transamerica Airlines for a better fit with it's parent company, Transamerica Corp.  Within a year and a half I was off to Douglas DC-8 school and soon flying as First Officer in world wide charters.  As the charter business took its ups-and-downs so did my flying.  I went back to the Electra, then as FO on the Lockheed L-382 (or L-100-30) Super Hercules, back to the DC-8, and then in mid-1984 to Captain on the Hercules.  

All the flying (over 3700 hours) was challenging, varied, interesting, and most of all fun, but ended in September 1986 when TA closed it's doors and sold off the airplanes.  I had been domiciled for various lengths of time at Detroit, Dayton, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Norfolk, but the majority of time in New York.

  Lockheed L-382 sunset.jpg (85178 bytes) TI DC8-63 over NYC.jpg (179202 bytes) DC-8.jpg (62047 bytes) DC-8-73.jpg (55884 bytes)

  Herc over Ethiopia   DC-8-63 over San Francisco            DC-8-63           DC-8-73 (new engines)

L-188.jpg (87831 bytes) Super Herc.jpg (21543 bytes) Cargo Loading.jpg (45986 bytes) Cattle.jpg (53566 bytes)  

  TA L-188 Electra          L-382                         Loading containers and cattle                     

L-382.jpg (60340 bytes) Dirt strip.jpg (31157 bytes) TA DC-10.jpg (77807 bytes) TA 747.jpg (61976 bytes)

                               Dirt strip landing             TA DC-10-30          TA Boeing 747-200

Click on the TA below for more pictures including the Ethiopian Relief Missions of 1984 and the Electra L-188 Fire, 1978

TA.jpg (30227 bytes)