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Navy Days

EAGLE2.JPG (21076 bytes)Hired with a class date of February 28, 1987, I got my first chance to be a Flight Engineer starting over again at seniority bottom with my new airline, American.  I wasn't a Boeing 727 FE for long, though, and by July started First Officer 727 school. In February 1989 I was back in school to fly the International Boeing 767 and several months later added Boeing 757 to my Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) ticket.  Eight and a half years and 5600 flight hours later I finally got my chance for left seat and upgraded to 727 Captain.  Sixteen months later I was back on my favorite, the 767 / 757, as an International Captain.  With retirement planned in September 2006, I was hoping to fly the latest in technology, the Boeing 777 for 2 or 3 years, but with recent industry changes that is not happening so I will just stay with the 767.


727_004.JPG (38955 bytes) 727-001.JPG (129075 bytes) 727-003.JPG (31694 bytes)  777.JPG (36714 bytes)

                                          Boeing 727 views                                             Boeing 777

  767_004.JPG (30378 bytes) 76 landing.jpg (241025 bytes)  767 cockpit.jpg (161446 bytes) 757-004.JPG (51418 bytes) 757-005.JPG (44154 bytes)

                      Boeing 767                        767 close-up        Boeing 757          757 cockpit   

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